The internet has changed the way we do things from shopping for clothes to education and even healthcare. The same is true when we want to gift something special to express our inner feelings. BFF Bracelets have been around for quite some time and they have been in a constant state of evolution. The best part is that friendship bracelets are not meant only for kids and teenagers anymore. In fact, you can find many beautiful and elegant designs and styles that are quite suitable for adults. At the same time, you can also find bracelets for both genders. All you need to do is conduct a little research on the internet and you will come across several websites selling friendship bracelets.

BFF BraceletsHow to choose a friendship bracelet

One good direction to follow is to keep your best friend’s preferences in mind as far as the color, design and other factors are concerned. The other way is to find a bracelet that complements his or her personality. Then again, there are the bracelets on which you can inscribe messages and these are a great way to express your feelings, which will be cherished for a long time. In fact, nowadays you can also find bracelets that communicate with each other. This means that they can be controlled by an app which makes the bracelets light up when both friends are near each other. Hence the choices are endless and it depends on you how you wish to express your love and affection for your best friend.

Some bracelets that are easily available on the internet


This is a grown up bracelet which has a sober design, but makes up for that with bright blue and pink color combination. At the same time it is equipped with gold hardware which matches well with the colors. This is a unisex bracelet and will suit a personality that is more extrovert and bright. At the same time, it is also suitable for people who prefer elegance and simplicity in what they wear.

Stella and bow

This bracelet has the letters BFF on beads incorporated into the design. There is also a bead with a pink heart, which makes it ideal for young ladies and teenagers. It has a delicate and simple design which will complement most ensembles and will not clash with other jewelry or accessories that your friend is wearing. The bracelet has a silver chain and fastening mechanism which goes well with the pearly white color of the beads.


This bracelet is simplicity itself with tiny purple beads linked with a copper chain and fastening mechanism. It is suitable for people who don’t like to be too visible in a crowd. It is simple and sober and suitable for both men and women of any age. It is something that can be worn to any occasion along with other accessories which will not clash with it.


This is a playful purple bracelet made of acrylic material which is more suitable for teenagers or very young women. The bright purple color brings out the design which is a chain of butterflies. The fastening mechanism is also acrylic and there are other colors like red, pink, yellow and blue available in this design so that you can gift your best friend his or her favorite color.


This is a very simple bracelet which is quite eloquent in expressing your feelings. A simple silver heart linked by pink strings and a silver mechanism will be the most unobtrusive on the wearer’s wrist. In fact the wearer will probably be the only one who is aware of the presence on the wrist.

Same sky

For someone who loves soft but cheerful colors this bracelet is the ideal gift. A colorful combination of pink, green and white this bracelet is definitely for the older woman. There are charms in white which add an accent to the design. In spite of the bright color combination the design is very simple and elegant.

Stella and dot

This is a pink and blue bracelet which resembles a piece of more expensive jewelry. It is not flexible and the shape of the bracelet holds it in place on the wrist. This is the reason that there is no fastening mechanism. The pink and blue colors are set off by a gold base which makes it one of the most pretty BFF Bracelets.